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Scary Teams of 4:
2 creepy members do the Zombie WOD while 2 merciless members do the Defender WOD, then they switch. All 4 scary members perform both WODs.

One person out of each partnership works at a time through the following:

“Walk Like the Dead” – 30 Wall Walks
“Grave Busters” – 60 Burpees
“Brain Toss” – 60 Wall Balls 14/20
“Blood on the Bar” – 60 Pull-ups

“Haul Off the Dead” – 200m Partner Carry (switch off)
“Suppressing Fire” – 200 DUBs
“Jump High or Die” – 100 Box Jumps 20/24
“Skull Crushers” – 60 Deadlifts 135/185

Score is combined time to execute both WODs by both sets of partners in the 4-person team

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